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VNNOX AD Cloud Account for Taurus Products

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VNNOX AD & VNNOX Standard Feature Comparison

Feature VNNOX AD VNNOX Standard Remarks
Supported Media Types
Image JPG, PNG, ICO, JPEG, BMP, GIF JPG, PNG, ICO, JPEG, BMP, GIF 5 GB of cloud storage provided for a new user by default
Document Word, Excel, PPT, PDF Word, Excel, PPT, PDF
Scrolling text Scrolling from left/right/bottom, flipping, and static
Streaming media N/A
Web page N/A
Dynamic data source (RSS) N/A
Other media widgets Analog clock
Digital clock
Analog clock
Digital clock
Online preview of media Solution pages currently cannot be previewed in VNNOX Standard.
Audio MP3 MP3 Used for the background audio of text and images only.
Cloud backup of media files N/A
Cut-to-display media × Suitable for strip-shaped screens
Solution Scheduling
Custom media playback order and playback duration Can be customized in the playlist module of VNNOX AD or during solution page editing in VNNOX Standard.
Playback effect settings N/A
Custom times of playback N/A
Playlist playback N/A
Solution insertion × Scheduled insertion and periodical insertion
Non-scheduled content × N/A
Location targeting × Suitable for vehicle-mounted screens. Solutions can be switched automatically according to GPS to enable location targeting.
This is a custom function and requires access permission.
Emergency insertion × Can play emergency notifications. Users can choose whether to pause the solution being played.
This is a custom function and requires access permission.
Background music × This is a custom function and requires access permission.
Custom solution playback time VNNOX AD allows users to set more types of periodical playback schedules.
Multi-window (multi-layer) playback The number of windows that can be added depends on the hardware configuration and the content to play.
Independent solution update on each layer × N/A
Media validity settings × N/A
Synchronous playback Works with time synchronization to enable synchronous playback across multiple terminals.
Issue: The new playback scheduling method can cause incomplete playback of media.
Suggestion: Apply synchronous playback only when it is demanded by the customer.
Automatic non-adjacent sorting of playlist × A patented algorithm is used to match the special requirements of commercial advertisers, saving a lot of time for them to schedule ads. Other products in this industry do not support this kind of function.
Collaborative ad scheduling × The operation mode of collaborative outdoor media source scheduling is designed for big outdoor screens with high commercial value.
Sub-playlists × Suitable for commercial advertisers in Europe and America. Works with the system permission control system to satisfy the requirements of ad scheduling for outdoor screens.
Scala and Broadsign also support this kind of function.
Import of list presets and automatic generation of playlists × N/A
Remote Control
Screen online status monitoring N/A
Terminal playback monitoring Remote screenshot allows users to view the content being played by the terminal and check whether the content is secure.
Terminal power control (turn off screens) This can take effect after the power supply is connected to a multifunction card and the power configuration is done. The cloud platform also allows board relays to control power supplies (The client software is required to complete the configuration).
Screen brightness control N/A
Device volume control N/A
Black screen settings in an emergency N/A
Video source settings N/A
Terminal restart N/A
Terminal data usage monitoring N/A
Terminal storage cleanup N/A
Terminal location display N/A
Terminal time synchronization and synchronous playback
(Time synhcronization via Internet & LAN)
NTP time synchronization depends on the network and the minimum delay can be 300 ms.
The minimum delay of RF time synchronization can be 30 ms and an RF module is required. RF time synchronization is ideal for lamp-post screens, indoor advertising machines, etc. that require synchronous playback.
GPS time synchronization × N/A
Remote management of terminal apps × This is a custom function and requires access permission.
Terminal time zone and time settings N/A
Periodical control plan settings N/A
Accessible by mobile phone and tablet N/A
Remote Monitoring
Real-time monitoring of screen conditions Users can view the snapshots captured by the camera, screen fault information, control system temperature, screen status overview (online time and data usage of the current month), and storage usage on the cloud platform.
System Logs and Security
Solution play logs Search criteria include date range, type, player, etc. The system can automatically record media play count and duration (accurate to the millisecond).
Remote control logs View the execution results of control commands
Custom play log properties × To satisfy the requirements of commercial advertisers, VNNOX AD allows users to add more properties to media resources to record more key information.
Media approval The system currently does not support solution approval.
This function is ideal for the projects sensitive to data security.
Service Management\System Permission Settings
Player group management Important to the cluster projects with a large number of terminals
Sub-user accounts Designed for enterprise customers and project agents
Custom sub-user permissions N/A
Workgroup creation Works with permission control to enable data privacy protection and service data isolation. Suitable for large-scale cluster control requirements or big companies with a high demand for data security.
Custom system information (OEM) N/A
Supported display languages Chinese, English, Japanese, French, Spanish Chinese, English, Japanese, French, Spanish N/A


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