Processor COEX MX6000 Pro Main Case

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Novastar MX6000 Pro Main Case


The MX6000 Pro is a large professional 8K LED display designed as part of the COEX control system series. Its remarkable features include 12-bit color depth, 360 Hz capability, real-time multi-screen scaling, 0-frame latency, and HDR supportability, providing precise brightness control, true-to-life color fidelity, and an excellent image quality. Its card-based modular design is specifically tailored for future LED displays, allowing for flexible input and output card configurations that are stable and easy to maintain. With a compact 6U size, it supports up to 32x 4K or 8x 8K video inputs, with a maximum load capacity of 141 million pixels, making it ideal for large-screen configurations. The MX6000 Pro offers a wide range of options with up to six different input cards supporting 8K, 4K, and VoIP. For output, it supports two types of output cards: 4x 10G fiber and 1x 40G fiber. These cards can be configured flexibly to accommodate either 1G or 5G bandwidth for the control system, catering to different requirements. Additionally, it supports seamless backup and automatic switching between devices and cards. In case of any malfunction, it promptly switches over while issuing automatic alerts, ensuring stable output on-site. To further enhance the user experience, it is complemented by the advanced control software, VMP, enabling users to have better control and management capabilities. The MX6000 Pro offers many advantages such as highly integrated design, premium image quality, powerful performance, tremendous load capacity, and easy control. It is widely used in rental services for large events, xR/VP studios, large fixed installation applications, TV production, e-sports events, exhibition halls, and other application scenarios.




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